Advertising Webquest


Do you think you are in charge of your purchasing decisions? You might not be! Face it! Persuasion is a fact of life! Every day you are persuaded to like or dislike something, buy or not buy products, and do what other people want you to do!

You might not realize it, but there are people who control you--or try to. They are the advertisers who want you to buy their products.  And they are quite good at it and quite successful. Now it's turnaround time. Put yourself in their shoes. It's your turn to get other people to believe what YOU want them to believe!





A local news station has asked you to create an advertising campaign for a fast food chain, Bulldog Burgers. Sales are slow, and they need your help!

The company's research has shown two things:

1) Old-fashioned advertisements are the most successful right now, and

2) If they can persuade parents that their food is the best, then the parents will buy that company's food for the whole family and recommend Bakerís products to other adults.

As a prospective advertising mogul, your job is to research advertising techniques from the past and persuade them that you have the best advertising technique. This will determine your ability to be hired! Let's begin!


Webquest adapted by Charlie Goolsby, Homepage with email link, SWJHS, Lawrence, KS 66047

Original Webquest by Mrs. Lauren Harrison, Walhalla Middle School, Walhalla, SC 29691