The Three Levels of Questions:

(AKA The Cinderella exercise)


Level I: Recall

The answer is in the text; explicit, fact (fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied)

What were Cinderella's slippers made out of?

How did Cinderella get to the ball?

Level II: Analysis/Inference

(The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true) Implicit or what is implied; analysis, ask how and why, require analysis of the text, reading between the lines, hidden meaning. (understood though not directly expressed)

Why does Cinderella's stepmother care whether or not she goes to the ball?

Why did everything turn back the way it was except the glass slipper?

Why don't the step sisters like Cinderella?

Level III: Synthesis

Go beyond the text and inquire into the value, importance and application of the information presented.

Does a woman's salvation always lie with a man?

What does it mean to live happily ever after?

Does good always overcome evil?