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Just for Fun




Site dedicated to Dr. Suess.  Playground Area is the most fun for kids.


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Pre-K and Kindergarten



This site has games like What color, Telling time, How Many, and Same/Different.  It also has coloring pages that can be printed off.



This site is meant for Pre-K up to 2nd Grade.  It has games for counting, colors, Shapes, ABC’s, Money, and Time.



Extremely cute site with narrated stories, online activities, suggested reading lists, etc.  Kids will love this one!  English or Spanish option.


PBS Kids-

Great place for stories, shows that kids are familiar with, etc.


Games Just for Kindergarten-

Sites just for younger kids.  Many to choose from!


Little Fingers-

A number of activities that include alphabet, counting, money, typing, and time.


Nick Jr.-
This site has all the great characters pre-k and kindergarten children know. It has counting and matching games as well as music to inspire the students. Very safe and interactive for non- or low readers.


Another great Pre-K website with interactive games, songs, and coloring activities.


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Special Education, Health Issues, and Study Help
(Thanks to Chris Drinkhouse for some of the Study/Organization Websites, and Julie Halley for Health Related Sites)


Blackwell’s Best Speech Sites-

A number of listings on speech issues and other special education areas.


Shannon Haney's Speech and Language Sites- This list is a great resource for students who stutter and have problems with pronunciation of certain sounds. She has links for dysfluency, articulation, and language in general.


American Sign Language Resources-

A number of good resources for ASL, including some fingerspelling quizzes and games that might be of use with students.


Special English-

This site is often used with ESL students, but would be beneficial to students with language deficits.  They have reports of varying lengths on a variety of topics. In writing these reports, the creators use a controlled vocabulary of only 1500 words. The site has a glossary of these terms too.  This might be a great way to work with older special needs students.


Are you organized? Well, this website has some helpful hints for you on keeping your desk clean, backpack organized, and studying for tests. Lean to manage you leisure time and money too!

It’s My Life
Learn to manage your time, set a weekly or monthly schedule, or learn about study tips. Educate yourself about setting realistic goals and managing priorities. Also, learn about time wasters and get tips from students your age

ADHD Information-
A website about children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It has cut-to-the-chase information and provides a support system for moms and dads.

Diabetes Information-
This site has sections for first-timers, message boards, medical advice, and recipes. It also includes resources for parents and kids. It is staffed by doctors, nurses, and dieticians who are able to give answers to questions when posted on a message board.

Kids Health-
This site is divided into sections for parents, teens, and younger children. Has a wealth of information on lots of topics.

Dr Greene, Pediatrician-
This is the web page of Dr. Alan Greene, M.D., a California pediatrician. It includes chat, answers, and illustrated encyclopedia links on medical issues. It is a good site to learn about various diagnosis of your students or a reference point for parents.



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Elementary Math


Lisa Harrod’s 3rd Grade Website-

This site plays host to 25 different websites that offer interactive learning on addition, subtraction, multiplication, telling time, money, etc.   It is a good place to start for elementary teachers.


Piggy Bank-

Students must change in the correct amount of coins.  Great for money skills!  Easy and a hard level.




K-6 math that focuses on word problems, and allows teachers to create worksheets.  The site also allows kids to practice math facts, and do logic puzzles.


Bug Splat Fractions Game-,1120,46-23767,00.html

Game involving adding and Subtracting of fractions, which includes putting fractions into simplest form.  Save the bugs by guessing the correct answer before they go splat on your windshield!


Prongo Math Games-

Site has games that include patterning, multiplication facts, money skills, general mouse skills, and also an introductory stock market interactive lesson.


Online Tangram Game-

Manipulate the tangram pieces to create shapes!

Can You Fill It-

challenges players to precisely fill a container from several smaller ones (good for spatial sense)  Grades 1-4.



Bobber’s Farm-

Numbers awareness game working with fractions, prime numbers and odd/even. (Grades 3-4)


Channel 14 Math Learning Games-

Games like Make it Count for putting numbers into math problems, Shop ‘til you Drop, a game about spending money, etc.  (Grades 3 and up)


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Elementary Language Arts/Reading



Great site for kids that are learning to read!  Also a great resource for extremely cheap printed materials!  Extremely interactive for kids!


It’s Fun to Read (K-2)-

Great site that will actually read to the kids, or allow them to read.  Books on artists, musicians, Tongue Twisters, etc.  Great interactive site.


  Spin and Spell-

Game that shows students a variety of pictures within categories (food, animals, etc), and student must spin the wheel by clicking on the correct letters to spell the words.


Spell Check-

 This site gives kids four words.  They then figure out the word that is spelled incorrectly, and type in how it is supposed to be spelled. There is instant feedback as to whether or not they are right.   There is an easy level, and a hard level.  If they get all twenty problems correct, they can put their name on a leader board.  


Grammar Blast-

This site is broken down by grade levels 2-5.  It provides quizzes on the parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation, etc. based on each grade level.  It also offers cumulative reviews at the end of each grade level, and provides instant feedback.


Grammar Gorillas-

Again, another game that helps kids practice on recognizing the different parts of a sentence in a fun way.  There is an easy level that only works on nouns and verbs, and an advanced level that works on all parts of speech.


Wacky Web Tales-

Similar to Mad Libs from our days!  Students enter specific parts of speech (noun, adjective, etc) to form funny stories.  Grades 3 and up.


Internet Picture Dictionary-

This is a good site for mid primary grades.  It does have pictures, but doesn’t announce hard words.  Still, it has some fun games listed as Activities on the left-hand side, such as Word Scramble, Fill in the Blanks, and Stinky Words. 


Sylvan Book Adventure-

A free, Web-based reading incentive program dedicated to helping kids read, click, and win! Book Adventure enables supervisors - parents, guardians, and educators - to track their Readers' independent reading progress and select literature appropriate for every grade level. With the help of Rex Reader and Bailey Bookmark, kids have more than 3,000 of the most popular and acclaimed children's titles from which to read and quiz. Points that Readers score on quizzes can be used to earn prizes! 


Alphabet Soup-

Students put letters together to make up one of the words in a joke.  The reward:  getting the corny punchline!


ABC Order-

An alphabet ordering recognition game (K-2)


ALA Author’s Websites Listings:

Over 30 authors listed!



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Elementary Science


Amazon Interactive-

Plan and manage a locally-controlled eco-tourism project.


National Geographic Zpeditions-

Lesson plans, activities, and maps.  Allows you to select items by grade level if you scroll down the page a little.  Extremely interactive on a variety of topics.


  Nature:  Alien Empire-

This has information on a variety of insects.  Could also be used at the middle school level.  Look to bottom table for information on other insects (i.e. Replicators, Metropolis, etc.)




This colorful site is full of activities for young kids to learn how to make things, explore the world, and discover new skills.


The Dirt on Soil:

Find out what is really going on underground. 



Monster Nutrition-

Game which allows kids to “feed” a monster, and answer questions related to the food pyramid.  Also has contests for the kids, nutrition guides, recipes, etc.


  Active Science by GlaxoSmithKline-

Interesting interactive Modules for kids of all ages.  The one that seems most suited for younger kids is the Humans and Animal Habitats.  It asks questions, and then provides instant audio feedback to the kids based on their answers.  There are worksheets to go with the activity as well.


Cosmic Quest- Design a Space Station-

Interactive site that leads kids through the set-up of a space station.  It begins with the basics… air, nutrition requirements, toilet needs, energy, etc.  The next level moves on to how to get more water, what to do with waste, etc.  Better suited for upper level elementary.


NASA Space Place-
This site hosts games, projects, and animations dealing with the Earth, Space, and technology.


Salmon Challenge-
Salmon Challenge is a game to help you see how your decisions help or harm our environment and our salmon. (Grades 4 and up)

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Elementary Social Studies



Ben’s Guide to US Government-

Broken down by grade level.  Suggested by a few different elementary teachers, but is supposed to cover up to 12th grade.


The Official White House Site for kids-

This is a good resource to use with elementary age students about the White House.  It includes some quizzes and games too.


Learn about The Presidents-

This is a site dedicated to President’s day, but it has a number of activities to teach students about the different presidents. 


President Coloring Pages-

You can download a printable worksheet of each of the presidents for your students to color!



In Search of Ways of the Knowing Trail-

Extremely Cool site! An immersive adventure in Africa's Ituri Forest--and an encounter with the cultures of the people who live there.


GeoNet Games-

Houghton Mifflin designed, this is a great website for geography of the United States, or for the World ( you choose the continent.  Broken into categories of spatial relations, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society, and the uses for Geography.


Go West with Lewis and Clark-

Make decisions about the expedition of Lewis and Clark (Grades 3- 5)



State, continents, and countries game. Place state on map click and drag on answer. It will tell you if you are right or wrong on the spot. it will print out a certificate at the end.


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Technology Education


  Growing with Technology-

Levels K through 5, this is a great starting point with your smaller kiddos.  It is also offered in Spanish (flag at top of poll).   It is set to work on typing skills, Internet activities, Word documents, PowerPoint, etc. 


Do It Yourself-
Just as described in the title, this site offers the how to in items such as auto, plumbing, hardware, construction, etc. Just like the old books, but more thorough!

Building Big-
Explore large structures and what it takes to build them. Covers bridges, domes, skyscrapers, and tunnels. Neat links to a lab that covers some important aspects of engineering as well as other cool sites.

Chronicle of the Future-
This is where you can get tomorrow's news today. You can select the year and you would like to know all about from the year 2000 to the year 2049. By clicking on the relevant year you can see what people are predicting for each of the next 50 years. This is excellent material to stimulate debate and discussion on what the future will be like and what impact technology and societal changes will have on how we live and behave.

NASA Space Place-
This site hosts games, projects, and animations dealing with the Earth, Space, and technology.

Techkids/ Technology Education for younger students-
This seems like a cool site for students to learn more about science through everyday items. It includes sections called Explore our World, Music Kids love, In the Kitchen, Adventures in Art, and Techies Toad Pad.

Design and Technology Website-
This website contains numerous information sheets which will be helpful if you are studying or teaching DESIGN TECHNOLOGY. The information sheets cover a wide range and include, the design process, gear systems, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers / computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, basic CNC work.

Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford-
This website shows how 40 different things are manufactured through video. It is geared for kids and adults.

BEST Robotics-
BEST is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization whose mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, and technology through participation in a sports-like, science and engineering-based robotics competition.

The national organization for technology education.

Technology Sites-
This has a listing of websites that interested another tech ed teacher.

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Kids Magazines


Time (Kids Version)-


National Geographic-


National Wildlife Federation (Ranger Rick)-


Weekly Reader-

A level for kids and teens… current events, along with quizzes, crosswords, word searches, etc.



For teachers, students, librarians and parents.  If you click under teachers, you can choose the grade area you teach so that content is level specific.  Kids games are more for younger elementary ages.


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A Little Bit of Everything for Primary


Fact Monster-

Wow!  Very cool site for searching for information, or for a subject level help.  In the upper left-hand corner, you will links to almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas links that the kids can use.  The site also has various quizzes the kids can take.  Neat site.

 PBS Teacher Source-

Combines lesson plans and online activities found elsewhere on PBS Online with original activities.  Search by subject and grade level.


Fun School-

Many games, organized by grade level.



This site is a wonderful way to create word searches or crosswords with spelling words or vocabulary words.


Toon University-

To be honest, this site looks like it has a lot of potential.  It is totally interactive, covers all the subject areas for k-6, and gives feedback to kids.  These demos are free, but there is some cost to register your class.  Still a great site to check out! 


Primary Games -

Great website organized by subject area—interactive!


BBC Stuff-

I have found so many cool items from the BBC—many are interactive so that kids can practice in a variety of curricular areas.


Arthur Games-

Good for K to 1st or 2nd grade. 

    Interactive Websites for Primary Grades

This website has major headings of math, literacy, science, and misc.  To name a few activities:  Stop the Clock, Word Blender, Stellar Speller, etc.  This site seems strongest in the literacy area, but also helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and gets them use to moving the mouse (Our Links for Little People).


Mrs. McGowan’s First Grade Website-

Good look at a number of interactive websites for 1st graders.  Topic areas covered:  math, spelling, etc.  Great site for building ideas for your own primary site.




Curriculum ideas for individual subjects, or for integrated units


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The Art of Crime Detection-

The coolest site!  This talks about left-brained and right-brained aspects of how we interpret information.  Then, it allows students to watch a “crime scene” (non-violent), and has them make a sketch on a PDA of the suspect.  Awesome!!

 Out of This Word Design-

Design everyday household items so that they will fit the needs of the aliens shown!  Design principles and designer information provided for the kids.


Be an Architect-

Design a house with Carmine! Learn about site, form, function, and materials as you draw the floor plan and elevation for your house. (Sixth grade and up)


  Art Cyclopedia-

Links to information about over 8,000 artists, art museums, etc.


Pintura:  Art Detective-

Neat site that provides a small mystery situation where students have to guess who the artist is on an unlabelled painting.  Other art history adventures are listed here too! 



Crayola Creativity Center-

Ideas for art projects, free printables, and lesson plans based on age, subject, and media.


Make a Snowflake-

This site allows you to create your own snowflake cut-out online!  Pretty fun!

The Artist’s Toolkit-

Interactive site that explains Visual Elements and Principles such as line, color and balance in order to build works of art.


MoMA Museum of Modern Art NY-

A little bit of art for everyone.  It seems that Destination Modern Art  and Art Safari are meant for younger students. 


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Creating Music-

Interactive site for simple composition for elementary, rhythm band, cartoon conductor, etc.  Cute site for younger kids!


San Francisco Symphony for Kids-

Neat interactive site that teaches kids about the instruments in an orchestra, as well as teaching about the different components of music (tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, etc.)


New York Philharmonic for Kids-

Composer Workshop, Composer Gallery, Instrument Storage Room, Instrument Lab, and Dressing Room (biographies).


Finale Notepad-

Free music notation software.  You do have to sign up and download, but it is a great free resource!

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Secondary Math

AAA Math-

Great site for skill and drill practice in a variety of subject areas appropriate for 1st grade, up through 9th grade.  Interactive with instant feedback and a scoring system.  Not overly appealing to the eye, but good practice.


Spike’s Games-

The Brainy games on this website would be a good downtime resource that will still require your kids to think a little at the same time.  Warning:  Other games are on here too!

High School Math Sites-

 Website listings for General math items, algebra, Geometry, Stats, Calculus, Trig, and Interactive.  Many sites listed and it will take you some time to look through, but I saw some pretty cool sites!

A Whole Lot of Math Sites-

Games, Puzzles, Problems, Algebra/Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Probability, Discrete Math, Trig/Pre-Calculus, online calculators, etc.  Many listings, but they will take some exploration time from you. 

Flea Circus Problem Solving Game-

This game actually looks a bit corny, but in actuality, it is a great site for problem-solving!  Try to get the fleas into the box by building things in the path that allow them to move through the maze.  Many levels to work through.

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Secondary Language Arts

Guide to Grammar and Writing-

You name it, and it is here when it comes to grammar.  This site includes instruction, practice opportunities, and quizzes online.  Lynne Renick would be in heaven with this one!

Citation Machine by Landmark-

This website will actually create bibliographies for students—very user friendly!  Will create an APA style, and an MLA style.

English Zone-
English-Zone.Com is a privately owned personal website that began as a site for students and teachers of English, but rapidly expanded to include native speakers of English brushing up on their English grammar skills, and children looking for a safe and educational site to visit.

Vocabulary University-

Grade level vocabulary puzzles, thematic units and lessons.

Word Detective-

A monthly column that answers readers' questions about words and languages.  

Web English Teacher-

Here are teaching resources, lessons, videos, web quests, activities, ideas and puzzles.

SCORE Language Arts  
Here you’ll find cyber guides, which are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units centered on core works of literature. They are categorized into units for K-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  

Academy of American Poets-

You are able to do searches by Poem or Poet. 

LSU Library’s Author Guide-

A number of links to a variety of authors.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare-

They are listed by category:  Comedy, History, and Tragedy.

Novel Guides-

Summaries of books, and brief ideas for curriculum integration.

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Secondary Social Sciences

What Came first?-

Five historical periods / activities; In each scenario students must identify and remove the anachronistic elements shown.  Interactive—helps them understand the items that were available to people during each time period (Grades 6-8)

National Budget Simulation-

This simulation asks you to adjust spending and tax expenditures in the the 2004 budget proposed by the White House in order to achieve either a balanced budget or any other target deficit.  The National Budget Simulation was originally a project of UC-Berkeley's Center for Community Economic Research

US Holocaust Museum-

 The main page for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Yad Vashem (Israel)-

This is the main page for Yad Vashem Museum in Israel. This site has online exhibitions and is a good source for student research on the Holocaust.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance site for research and study of the Holocaust. This site contains great teacher resources, online exhibits for students, and good information for student research.

Four Simulations at HarpWeekly-

Four simulations, including The Reconstruction Convention, The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Why Did the North Win the War?, and The Klu Klux Klan hearings.

Flight to Freedom-

A simulation that puts students in the shoes of slaves trying to reach freedom. 


Country Reports-

Great site for basic information on countries, along with more detailed info in links.

The Kennedy Center’s Arts Edge-

Links on the front page to political cartoons info, being a campaign manager and learning about the election process, and learning about history through music.

History Channel for the Classroom-

My favorite areas in this site are:  On This Day- it allows kids to search for what happened on specific days, and also the Ideas from Teachers on the left-side.

Liberty!  -

Good site for American Revolution.  Has a Road to the Revolution Quiz too that kids can take!

The Political Compass

Find your position on the Political Compass.  Compare yourself with to world leaders such as Margaret Thatcher, Gandhi, etc.

The First Amendment Website-

Information about the Five Freedoms, along with a quiz over First Amendment Rights.  Also sections about students’ rights and responsibilities at school.

National Geographic’s Map Machine-

This website features world maps and satellite photographs, as well as topographical maps, historical maps and climate maps. You can also access facts and histories of specific countries.


Brain Bowl.-

 Brain Bowl, from the Learning Network, is a weekly current events game which can be played by one player, two players, or Kid vs Parent. Players can view answers from previous weeks' games.  Let’s you either play a 13 and under version, or a +14.

Westward HO! -

Travel the Oregon Trail!  Lots of laughter, learning and realism in this online simulation.  Has teacher information and lesson overviews.  Grades 6-12

Scholastic Online:  Democracy at Work:

Good website for links about civics, citizenship, comparative governments, international elections, etc.  Links to games and trivia dealing with politics, etc. 

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Secondary Science


Bill Nelson's Science Sites- This website list is a great resource to start from for high school science teachers. Sites cover anatomy, astronomy, and life sciences.

National Geographic Zpeditions-

Lesson plans, activities, and maps.  Allows you to select items by grade level if you scroll down the page a little.

Exploratorium’s Guide to Astronomy-

A page of resources about the solar system. Students can build a solar system, then have the program calculate your weight and age on the other worlds

Nasa Images and Audio-

The text in this website is more appropriate for older students, but its got the best pictures out there of planets, spacecraft and more. Also includes streaming audio of some missions and an embedded glossary for older students.

Tinker Ball-

Select objects to create a Rube Goldberg path.

Try Science-

Neat site for online experiments, field trips, and adventures.   The adventure site talks about simple machines as it applies to various extreme sports (kayaking, rock climbing, biking, etc), while the experiment areas include all facets of science (Chem, Physical, Social, Technology, etc).  The adventure has to do with Star Trek—need some time to figure out (kids might be able to better???)

Cosmic Quest- Design a Space Station-

Interactive site that leads kids through the set-up of a space station.  It begins with the basics… air, nutrition requirements, toilet needs, energy, etc.  The next level moves on to how to get more water, what to do with waste, etc. 

How Things Work Q and A: and How Things Work

Two great resources to help kids answer some of the questions they have about, well…. How stuff works.  The first site is more of a question and answer situation each month that definitely proves interesting.  The second site is more organized by subject area (electronics, auto, health, etc).

The River of Venom-
They set up the lab deep in the Amazon rainforest. They wanted to make killer bees less deadly. What they didn't want was to start a rampage. A scientist at the brink of death. A researcher in agony with hundreds of bee stings. And you're stuck in the middle. Can you find the way out? Test your scientific sleuthing in the "River of Venom", an excellent science mystery story.

AE Mystery Spot (Nat’l Health Museum)-
Mysteries that allow students to discover what unfolded as a result of biological problems. A really neat approach to teaching kids about the biology!

Geology Labs Online-

Geology Labs On-Line is a comprehensive project to develop Web-based lab activities that enhance the learning and teaching of Geology and other Earth and Environmental Science topics for introductory College and High School courses.

Biology In Motion-

Welcome to BiologyInMotion! Here you will find animations, interactive activities, and cartoons designed to make learning biology a richer, more engaging experience.

Virginia Commonwealth Life Sciences Video list-

All kinds of science videos that will stream right over the Internet.

Active Science by GlaxoSmithKline-

Interactive website that has a variety of modules and worksheets to go with.  Modules are game-like to keep interest of kids, with databases full of information that is presented in an interesting way.  Modules:  The Heart, Enzymes in Biotechnology, Population Growth and Predators, Selective Breeding and Engineering, Periodic Table, and Nutrition.


Multimedia sites that cover topics such as the Science of Music, Ancient Observatories, Explore Saturn, and Exploring Microscopic Cells.

Design a Rollercoaster (Physics)

(7-12) This site, maintained by the Annenberg/CPB Project, provides colleges, high schools, corporations, organizations, and informal learners around the world with interactive learning experiences in amusement park ride design.

Sea and Sky-
(5-12) This site takes visitors on a virtual field trip to the last two great frontiers: the splendors of the Sea, and the endless wonders of the Universe.

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Foreign Languages/ ELL Help


Alien Language-

Great interactive website for teaching kids the body parts in Spanish, German, and French.  Helps with basic sentence structure too!  Kids love this one!


A free online verb conjugation practice site for Spanish, French, Latin, and German.  Registration is required, but also allows teachers to view student work and edit verb lists to match classroom activities.

Study Spanish-

This site is great for giving Spanish students a little extra practice!


Provides Audio situations, and gives a short quiz after each session.  Ranked from Easy/Med/Hard.  Good Practice for ESL/ELL learners.

English Zone-
English-Zone.Com is a fun site for STUDENTS who are learning English as a Second Language, or studying English in general. Here, you can learn some idioms, practice with English verbs, test your grammar, check out the fun stuff page, write a silly story, etc. English-Zone.Com has a Teacher's Zone filled with ready-to-print materials usable for ESL teaching guides, worksheets, handouts, or quizzes.

Special English-

This site is beneficial to use with older ESL students.  They have reports of varying lengths on a variety of topics. In writing these reports, the creators use a controlled vocabulary of only 1500 words. The site has a glossary of these terms too.  This might be a great way to work with older special needs students.

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Smart Stocks-

Free website that allows you to pretend invest $100,000.  Students or teachers may set up groups to participate in too!  Only problem with this site… it allows students to look at a stock that has gone up during the day, and then buy it for the opening price (so they know they will be making a profit when they really shouldn’t).

Monetary Mania-

a quiz show about money and much more!



The New York Stock Exchange Made Easy! Lesson plans, worksheets, and a quiz.  Grades 9-12

EconLink -

Overall website with great lesson plans for k-12. 


Kathy Meert's Website list for the Business Classroom- This website list was created by a high school business teacher. It includes a number of links to government resources, business magazines, etc.


Free Lunch-

This site offers free statistical information on financial, demographics, etc.  The graphs are all free for use (you will need Excel), which makes this site a great starting point for reports for a number of different classes!


Creating a Business Plan- 

Sponsored by the Small Business Administration to help budding entrepreneurs prepare business plans.  It covers everything from design, financing, marketing, and legal aspects.

Young Money Stock Market Game-

Students get $10,000 of imaginary money to invest.

Planet Orange by ING Direct-

A website developed to teach students about money.  Hosts 20 reproducible lesson plans for teachers if interested.  Upper elementary to middle school.   

Sample Cover Letters

This site gives you a few examples of cover letters that might help you decide on an overall structure for your own letter.

Sample Resumes

Again, another good site to help you get an idea for a framework with your resume.

Create A Resume

Click on Create a Resume to get a better explanation of the different parts of a resume, the importance of each detail, and how they should be written.

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Secondary Level Hodge Podge


PBS Teacher Source-

Combines lesson plans and online activities found elsewhere on PBS Online with original activities.  Search by subject and grade level.

High School Hub-

Great site for all topics.  This site includes links to homework help, current events, learning activities in many areas, references links, etc.  It also links to middle school and a primary hub.

BBC Stuff-

I have found so many cool items from the BBC—many are interactive so that kids can practice in a variety of curricular areas.

Jefferson Labs Games-

Games on math, chemistry, word games, reading comprehension game, and a Virginia technology quiz for 8th graders competency levels.

Marco Polo-

Ideas for Lesson plans, with plan outline, links, etc.

Marco Polo EdsiteMent-

Buttons at top have links to great resources for literature, and making connections to history, foreign language items, etc.

Test Taking Practice Questions from NCES-

This interactive site allows students to practice tests questions from Civics, Math, or Science at a grade level ranging from 4th grade, 8th grade, or 9th grade questions. 

The Global Schoolhouse-

This website plays host to over 2000 online projects, organized by topic, grade level, and project date.  It helps you get involved with other classrooms around the nation and globe!  Takes some time, but its pretty cool!

Microsoft Education-

This website allows you to search for lessons plans by age, topic, and MS Office software application.  There seems to be some good ideas, but it takes a little sifting through.

Marco Polo-

This website again allows you to search by subject and age level.  Some good stuff, but again, some sifting.

Free Things Online-

Site that provides info on a variety of resources, such as Free software, free internet services, free java applets, free household items, free samples, etc.  Watch out!  Also offers free online dating things, etc. 


Blue Webs-

Top- Voted on web-based interactive Websites.  Search by curricular area.



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Website Freebies and Evaluation Forms.

Shrock’s List of Webevals-

Web evaluation forms for primary grades, middle school, secondary level, and virtual tours.  This site also allows for all of the web evaluation forms in Spanish.

Flaming Text-

This site can be used for free graphics, such as headings and fonts, as long as you usage is for non-profit organizations.


Free gif animations on this page for non-profits, all found under individual letters (listed under heading alphabetical order). 


This website has a number of free items, but the organization is terrible.  It takes some sorting through! 

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Blackwell’s List of Webquest Sites-

Explains what webquests are, how to make one, etc.  Also contains links to sites with webquests listed.

Best Webquests.Com-

This list is organized by age level and subject.  Click on the category you are interested in.  Next, find a webquest that sounds interesting, and click on it.  To see the actual webquest, the link is right beside the ranking stars.

This site is easiest to search by using the “Top” link or “Search” link along the left-hand side. 

Revolutionary War Webquest


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Free Online Invitations


You do have to create a log-in, but everything is free.  Great way to send invitations to family and friends, or even create some fun invitations for a class party and send it to kids! 

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Online Assessment Tools

Online Assessment Assistance-

Links to a gazillion sites for all age levels and subjects.  Includes ACT/SAT prep sites.

Quiz Star-

is a free site where you can create objective (true/false, multiple choice, etc.) tests that students then take online, and then have the site grade them for you. You also can opt to have students immediately see what they missed.

Free Educational Downloads (As suggested by Education World)


Seterra is a challenging geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe; American states; American state capitals; French cities; cities in Mexico; countries in Asia, etc, etc...

Seterra runs in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Swedish.

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